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Ladies, your high heels could cripple you!


If you are one of the those who often sets foots out in high heels, you may be at risk for several health complications.

According to study by Stanford University, wearing high heels for extended periods of time can cause serious problems like arthritis or even knee replacement surgery, the Daily Express reported.

Wearing heels can dangerously put pressure on knee joints, which wears away body’s natural shock absorber, cartilage, increasing the risk of osteoarthritis.

Scientists scanned the knees of healthy women as they walked at a normal pace in flat shoes, 1.5inch heels and 3.5inch heels, and found that when women wear high heels, their knees are held in an awkward, bent position causing the joints to perform as though aged or damaged joints would – increasing the risk of osteoarthritis.

Physiotherapist and osteopath Tim Allardyce, who warned that the shoes could lead to painful back, hip and neck problems, explained that “standing and walking on the balls of your feet throws the skeleton out of its usual, healthy alignment, which means muscles and joints throughout the body have to compensate to maintain its centre of gravity and keep the body upright.”

Those who wear 3inch heels regularly could suffer from an injury to the Achilles tendon called tendonitis.

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