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Tips to avoid ring marks after long time of wearing


Wearing rings for a prolonged period of time causes ugly ring marks around your fingers. If ignored, those marks can become permanent. 

If you are dealing with such ring stains then not wearing your ring is a temporary solution. Those stains will come back once you put on the ring again. Here are a few tips to get rid of ring marks on your fingers:

Exfoliate the affected areas regularly. This will help you in getting rid of dead cells that darken the area.

Do not forget to apply sunscreen before stepping out. Sometimes the tan caused by exposure to sun makes the marks even more stubborn and hard to get rid of.

Use a mixture of lemon and honey on the marks. Take a tablespoon of each and massage the area with it for 15 minutes thrice a week. This not only lighten the marks but will also decrease your tan.

Moisturise your fingers regularly. Herbal moisturisers are best and will keep your skin hydrated, which will help reduce ring marks.

Go for regular manicures. Either in a parlour or at home, manicures are effective to remove marks.

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